SaaS Development and Harvest Assets

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One of our focuses here at Kinetic Thoughts is SaaS development. Like many companies in this day and age we use a Lean Canvas to help the clients tweak their business model and then start iterative development using SCRUM. This works fairly well for us and the clients. However this is not the focus of the article. What this article … Read More

Laravel Bugs: Mail Queue (use) can make you crazy

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As mentioned in earlier posts, we have been writing some SaaS products for clients and our own Startups using Laravel. Today, I after a bit of frustration, wanted to mention one of the Laravel bugs (or rather an oddity) in the Mail Send or Queue classes that will just about make you crazy. The cause was a simple mistake on … Read More

15 Years and Still Learning Home Office Motivation Tips

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After 15 years of trying, I am still distilling down my home office motivation tips.  There’s thousand distractions begging for your attention, some warranted, some not so much. Whether it is the dishes in the sink, the laundry or that new freelancer/entrepreneur article you want to read (or write) you can have huge time sinks and not realize it. I am … Read More

Lifestyle Entrepreneur-ing at Kinetic Thoughts

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This post is about some of my journey to become a lifestyle entrepreneur at Kinetic Thoughts LLC (my company that focused on technology). I was told early on, that my company had no focus and people could not figure out what it was doing. I was miffed and kept struggling on. It turns out they were right. I should have … Read More

SaaS Development using Laravel

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In recent months, we have been doing SaaS development or recoding several SaaS projects using the Laravel framework. I am overly impressed. SaaS Development using Laravel is better than other frameworks I have used. It is well thought out, and easy to use. It is simple enough that a beginner can start and the expert can do some very slick … Read More