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Turning people with ideas into technology entrepreneurs

How Kinetic Thoughts Helps You

Kinetic Thoughts works with non-technical founders on their idea for a technology business. We apply evidence based business development, proven technology development experience, and innovation processes to your idea.

Your business benefits from the expertise and experience of Kinetic Thoughts and our business and marketing partners.

How are your benefits realized? Our process has 5 steps:

  1. We help you vet your idea for a business model and market fit before any other action is taken. We work with you to adjust as needed. This keeps you from spending unnecessary time and money.
  2. We can help you create intellectual property that can be protected as an asset. This adds value to your company and helps protect you from competition.
  3. We help recommend and/or implement a technology path that best fits the idea and business model.
  4. We integrate growth, marketing, and sales tests into the product by working with you and our marketing partners, giving you a way to test, hone, and expand your reach right from your product.
  5. We give you a clear path and methodology to repeat steps 1-4 to mitigate away risk to build a turnkey business.

Your success is our success.

-Jeff Abbott, Owner and Principle


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